Who is Katharine Gorka? A Look at the Life and Work of a Conservative Activist

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Katharine Gorka is a name that has been making waves in the conservative political scene for years. .But who exactly is Katharine Gorka? . So sit back and prepare to learn all about one of the most influential women in modern conservatism – Katharine Gorka!

Katharine Gorka’s Early Life

Katharine Gorka was born in 1972 and grew up in a small town in Connecticut. Her parents were both lawyers, and her father served as a judge for many years. Growing up, Katharine was encouraged to be independent and strong-willed, which would later serve her well in her political career.

After high school, she attended Williams College where she earned a degree in English literature. It wasn’t until after college that she became interested in politics. She worked for several conservative organizations before joining the Department of Homeland Security under the George W. Bush administration.

It is clear that Katharine Gorka’s early life played an important role in shaping who she is today – from growing up with two lawyer parents to studying literature before finding her passion for politics and national security.

Katharine Gorka’s Political Career

Katharine Gorka’s political career has been one of dedication to conservative causes and organizations. She served as the Executive Director for the Council on Global Security, a non-profit organization focused on national security issues. During her tenure, she oversaw projects related to counterterrorism, cybersecurity, border security, and more.

In addition to her work at the Council on Global Security, Gorka also co-founded the Threat Knowledge Group LLC with her husband Sebastian Gorka. The group provides consulting services in areas such as terrorism threat assessment and training programs for law enforcement agencies.

Gorka’s involvement in politics extends beyond think tanks and consulting groups. She was appointed by President Trump to serve as an Advisory Board Member for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) where she worked closely with DHS officials on immigration policy.

Katharine Gorka’s political career demonstrates a commitment to conservative values and priorities related to national security and immigration policy.

Katharine Gorka’s Recent Activities

In recent years, Katharine Gorka has been actively involved in various conservative organizations and initiatives. She is the President of the Council on Global Security and is also a member of the Advisory Board for the Center for Security Policy.

Gorka was appointed as a Senior Advisor at U.

S. Department of Homeland Security by President Trump in 2017. She served as an adviser to then-Secretary John Kelly before he became White House chief of staff.

She has also been active in advocating for policies that promote national security interests and combat terrorism both domestically and internationally. Her work with the Center for Immigration Studies focuses on promoting stricter immigration laws to protect national security.

Additionally, Gorka frequently speaks at conferences and events across the country about issues related to national security, including radical Islamism, border security, cyber threats, and more recently COVID-19 pandemic response.

Katharine Gorka’s Views on the Trump Administration

Katharine Gorka’s views on the Trump Administration are known to be largely positive. She has been a vocal supporter of President Trump, praising his efforts towards immigration reform and national security.

Gorka has often spoken out against those who criticize the administration, particularly in regards to their stance on border control and terrorism.

Additionally, Gorka has expressed support for President Trump’s economic policies, including tax cuts and deregulation. She believes that these measures have led to significant improvements in job growth and business development throughout the country.

However, this does not mean that Gorka agrees with every decision made by the administration. She has voiced concerns over certain appointments to key positions within government agencies, stating that political allegiance should not take precedence over qualifications.

Katharine Gorka’s Views on the Economy

Katharine Gorka is a conservative activist who has expressed her views on various topics including the economy. She believes that capitalism is the best economic system and promotes its principles of free markets, competition, and individual rights.

Gorka advocates for lower taxes as a way to stimulate economic growth and job creation. She criticizes government regulation as being overly burdensome on businesses, hindering their ability to create jobs and generate wealth.

In her view, reducing government spending should be a priority in order to prevent excessive debt and deficits. This includes cutting unnecessary programs such as welfare or foreign aid.

Furthermore, she supports international trade agreements that favor American interests but opposes protectionist policies that stifle competition and innovation.

Katharine Gorka’s Views on Immigration

Katharine Gorka has been a vocal advocate for stricter immigration policies in the United States. She believes that current policies are too lenient and have resulted in an influx of illegal immigrants, which she sees as a threat to national security and American culture.

Gorka supports increased border security measures such as building a wall along the US-Mexico border, increasing funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and cracking down on sanctuary cities. She also advocates for stricter vetting processes for legal immigrants and refugees, arguing that these measures are necessary to prevent terrorism and protect American jobs.

Critics of Gorka’s views argue that her approach is overly restrictive and ignores the contributions that immigrants make to American society. They contend that many undocumented immigrants are hardworking individuals who contribute significantly to local economies, while refugees provide vital skills and knowledge to communities across the country.

Despite these criticisms, Katharine Gorka remains steadfast in her belief that strict immigration policies are necessary to protect America from potential threats. Whether or not one agrees with her views, it is clear that she has had a significant impact on the national conversation surrounding immigration policy.

Katharine Gorka’s Views on Terrorism

Katharine Gorka is known for her strong stance against terrorism and has been actively involved in counterterrorism efforts. She has served on the Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Council, where she provided valuable insight into ways to combat terrorism.

Gorka believes that radical Islam poses a significant threat to national security and must be addressed head-on. She supports measures that strengthen our borders, enhance intelligence gathering capabilities, and increase cooperation between law enforcement agencies.

In addition to her work with the government, Katharine Gorka co-founded the Threat Knowledge Group (TKG), which provides training and consulting services on subjects related to national security. TKG focuses on understanding how terrorists think and operate, so we can better prevent their attacks.

Gorka also advocates for empowering communities at risk of radicalization by providing them with resources such as education, job training programs, and mental health services.


From her early days in academia to her current role as the Director of Civil Society Programs at the Department of Homeland Security, she has always remained true to her beliefs.

As we have seen, Katharine Gorka is a staunch supporter of President Trump’s agenda on immigration and terrorism.

Her passion for making America safer and more prosperous is evident from everything she does.

Katharine Gorka’s contributions to American conservatism are significant and far-reaching. Her tireless efforts to promote traditional values while advocating for practical policy solutions have made an impact not only within the Republican Party but across the country as well.

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